Pre-Production Updates Of The Buzzwalker X Frame

Designing a suspension frame that provides a cushion to your ride is one thing. Building a frame that lasts many years of abuse with the desired ride quality requires a lot more knowledge.

Our requirements for a rear triangle are simple. We needed something with no chain growth. Something we could run a belt drive system on, with no additional tensioners and simplicity for user serviceability. With the experience gained from designing our full suspension mountain bike range, the Atom and Axis.

We considered multiple options including a concentric pivot design. We settled on a linkage driven unified rear triangle design with incorporated flex-stays to achieve the desired leverage ratios at the exact points through the suspension stroke. We also designed in a hidden removable link for easy belt replacement. What does this mean for you as a rider? More comfort during your ride, less maintenance and fewer bearings to replace.

We designed the Buzzraw X frame and fork as a unified system. This method allowed us to bring you an uncompromised design for maximum performance without having to work with existing off-the-shelf products. All which have their own flaws that were not acceptable to us. The two fork options that we offer are:

1. The Buzzwalker with 80mm travel and 135x10mm dropouts

2. Or the CobbleCross with 100mm travel and a 150X15 Thru-axle

Highlights for the current specifications offered.

A Gates Carbon Belt keeps things simple and clean. Maintenance free - no lubricants, no rust and less weight. With an electric motor assisting you to do most of the work, we didn’t see a need for gears. Especially in a city setting. However, we designed the rear dropouts to accommodate a derailleur and the rear hub uses a conventional Shimano 9 spline freehub if you feel the need to run a geared system. When we do launch our pedal variant, it will come with an 8-speed system. (Optional inclusion) How did we manage tension?​

Belt tension is handled by our custom designed horizontal dropouts and chain tensioners. Having testing multiple tensioning devices for the horizontal dropouts we found none of them was up to our standards. So, we designed our own, built to work with electric, bolt on and quick release hubs. And those custom horizontal dropouts come with a derailleur hanger. This allowed us to give you the freedom of choice when it comes to the components and specifications you wish to run. We would, however, recommend you use a bolt on the hub for better holding power as opposed to a quick release variant.

Battery mount to hide that junk.

We designed the battery mount to be compatible with most battery cradles on the market. All the extra wiring can be a real eyesore therefore, we designed a battery cover to hide the controller and all the excess wiring.

CNC Rockers

Some of you may recognise where we took inspiration from for our suspension rocker design. We did it for not only for the looks but also the inherent strength and lightness of an I beam. Keeping it user serviceable was also a key consideration in the design.

Designed for the Enthusiast.

We designed the Buzzraw X frame with the customisers in mind. We have designed the frame to accommodate most hub driven electric motors and the mid-drive mounted Bafang BBSHD.

Rear Shock.

We used a 190x51mm shock on the Buzzraw X frame. A conventionally sized shock will provide you with unlimited upgrade options from the mountain bike market.

Evolution of the Buzzraw.

Compared to the original Buzzraw, the Buzzraw X possess an entirely different geometry. The Bottom bracket height has been increased for better ground clearance and B.B to seat height has been reduced for more manoeuvrability.

In short, we have designed the X to be playful and much more agile while delivering full suspension comfort while maintaining that trademark Coast Cycles Buzzraw look.

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