Pre-Production Updates Of The Buzzwalker Girder Fork

At Coast Cycles, we take quality and safety seriously. We wanted to be sure that the BuzzWalker fork will withstand the abuses that your daily commute could throw at it. To bring you the best ride performance, we tested multiple variations in geometry to ensure the bike would maintain the best combination of slow speed agility and high-speed stability. Additionally, we also tried different combinations of material types and thicknesses to bring you the best balance of weight and ride comfort without compromising strength and stiffness.

On the first few prototypes, we noticed that we were having problems with bearing longevity in the linkages resulting in noticeable play after just a few months of deliberate abuse. We have since rectified the problems and threw in some tolerance tweaks to improve durability and ride quality. The modifications we made are measured in microns, not millimetres, that’s how precise we are!

Initial designs of the CNC machined components required tools with a longer reach. We later decided it would not be ideal to have our customers go out and buy new tools just to use on our bike. So we tweaked the designs again just so you could use regular off the shelf tools, making it easier for you to maintain your bike. We also reduced the number of tools required to just two. A simple 13mm socket and a 6mm hex wrench will suffice.

We know that finding replacement bearings for servicing can be a pain, especially when it is of a special size and grade. In view of this, we choose to use standard industrial size ABEC bearings, ones you can easily pick up at your local hardware store. That would be 698-2RS, just in case you wanted to get some spares early.

We decide for production, we will be using a 190x51mm shock with low-speed rebound control tuned to our leverage curves. Rebound adjustments allow you to tune the suspension to your riding style.

We also settled on using a coil spring, the reasoning behind this choice is simple. Coil shocks are naturally more durable, one less seal to worry about. If air shocks end up leaking it would render the bike unrideable. Additionally, the small bump compliance of a coil was just better, that means a smoother more comfortable ride for you.

We wanted to be extra sure that our fork can withstand the abuse, hence we sent it to a test centre to have it certified.

After testing almost 6 different versions of the Buzzwalker girder fork, we are proud to announce that we have achieved our goal and it is now ready for production.

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