Commuting by cycling is prevalent in many European countries. Light traffic mixed with excellent infrastructure and patient drivers make an ideal formula for travelling anywhere by bicycle.

Unfortunately, this is not so in Asia. Copenhagenize Design Company’s Index ranked 122 cities according to how bike-friendly they were and the top 20 were featured in a story published by Wired. The bad news is that no Asian city made it to the list (which was dominated by European countries).

Like most of you, we assumed Tokyo would have been an automatic inclusion in the list but this was not so. Hence, what chance does a crowded and highly-urbanised city-state like Singapore, Coast Cycles’ home base, have in ever making the list?

The good news is that while Singapore still has a quite a long way to go when it comes to being really bike-friendly, the government has made great strides in accommodating the needs of cyclists including those who desire to travel to-and-from work or school by bicycle, as evidenced by Land Transport Master Plan and Walk Cycle Ride SG.

This year, the Urban Redevelopment Authority introduced Car-Free Sunday, an initiative that saw the closure of roads around the Central Business District and Civic District on every last Sunday of each month so that people can walk, jog, cycle and take part in recreational activities, such as mass workouts.

We believe that commuting by bike is very possible in Singapore, hence, we designed our urban models like the Coastliner and Quinn to be the consummate city bicycles.

Disc brakes for safe stopping in all weather conditions, Gates carbon belt drive that doesn’t rust nor leave ugly oil stains on your legs or pants, strong and reliable internal gear hubs and drive systems, and tangle-free internal cable routing all point to bikes which require almost zero-maintenance.

The award-winning Quinn  has two additional tricks up its sleeves: a compact 1.5m length which allows it to roll conveniently into most lifts and the clever central cargo cage that fits messenger bags, laptop bags and other similarly-sized carriers.

For longer and faster commutes, the Coastliner is the one. For shorter travels, with occasional manoeuvring around tight corners, the Quinn is your two-wheeler buddy.

And just so you know, both are also great for leisure riding just about anywhere.

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