BMX Flatland has been around for much longer than people realise. Its roots can be dated back to the 1950s. Flatland has gone through many stylistic changes since its beginnings in the late 1970s. It's a discipline that requires a lot of dedication, riders learn different balance/counterbalance points and center-of-gravity in motion techniques through repetition and trial-and-error. Some tricks can be learned in hours, while others may take years to master.

When it comes to this discipline in particular, our ambassador/team rider, Frenchman Alex Jumelin is in a league all his own. He fell in love with the sport at the age of 11 when he first performed his first few tricks and has continued on his amazing journey to go pro ever since. To say he is poetry in motion is an understatement. And that's why he is a four-time world champion in this highly demanded discipline. We caught up with Coast Cycles team rider Alex Juemlin when he came to Singapore to test out his new "Humble" signature frame.

Q1: How did you break into the BMX flatland world, and when did you decide you wanted it to be more than just a hobby?

I exposed into the flatland scene at the age of 11 and I instantly fell in love with it. Never it crosses my mind to decide whether will it be a hobby nor a job. I just feel so lucky that I'm be able to be on my bike everyday.

Q2: What is the training like, for this discipline in particular?

Training for this discipline can very intense. To stay on top of my game, I practice everyday between 2 and 5 hours. Each training consists of two sessions. One for the tricks that I usually perform during competitions and one for creative tricks.

Q3: What does flatland mean to you?

To me, personally I feel that flatland means having fun all around the globe and of course in order to achieve that you need to be hardworking and have a lot of dedication in what you're doing.

Q4: How would you describe your style of flatland?

Well, I'm a brakeless rider, front wheel and nose wheelie professional rider. Hahaha.

That's enough Q&A about Alex himself, of course, we asked him about his new "Humble" signature frame that you guys are waiting for.

Q5: Why did you choose Coast Cycles to design a signature frame for you?

I chose Coast Cycles because the company has a strong knowledge when it comes to designing bicycles. I'm very thankful that I'm able to ride for them as a team rider, they know exactly what i need and what I want. Most importantly, I respect Coast Cycles as a brand for being so establish in the bicycle industry. On top of that, my relationship with the staffs are very close and knitted, a lot of positive vibes going on, people at Coast Cycles understand how hard flatland is.

Q6: You've been performing with your Humble frame for months now? How does it perform?

I absolutely love this frame. It was really hard for me to step into a high stand over top tube, but it was so easy for me to get used to this frame and everybody in the flatland community seems to like it a lot as well. Well, it definitely change my style for the better.

Q7: Where did the "Humble" name come from?

Well, the word "Humble" is like a motto to me. Constantly reminds me to stay humble and be triumphant.

Q8: How is "Humble" different from your previous signature frame set up?

This frame in particular was design by me from the scratch. The top tube is way higher, the seat clamp is not integrated anymore and the chain tensioners are totally new.

Q8: You've been working on the "Humble" frame promo edit. What can your Coast Cycles fans look forward to it?

As everyone has seen on the edit, I brought some new lines and everything was filmed on a very grippy parking lot.

Q9: What would you like to say to everyone reading this?

Go grab a coffee and start practicing like it's your last training session. Remember, Work Hard & Stay Humble!

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